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Manicure courses, Odessa

Take advantage of the excellent opportunity to learn useful and fashionable profession – manicure! High-quality hand care is not a luxury but an everyday necessity. In modern society beautiful, well-maintained and healthy hands – an indispensable attribute of every person. If You want to master this skill then our manicure courses in Odessa will help You not only get basic training, But continue to improve their skills.

In our courses in Odessa you will learn the technique of manicure and pedicure, as well as related to this profession direction.

On the first lesson, you will learn the basic techniques of nail care of the hands and feet, the problems and the causes of their deformation. Our experts will help You to master modern techniques of manicure, to study different methods and techniques, and to further apply them in practice. You will learn not only to make beautiful different colors and patterns, but also learn how to improve and strengthen the nails.

Manicure courses in Odessa I level

History of manicure manicure courses in Odessa

History of manicure.

Modern manicure in the salon, manicure courses in Odessa

Modern manicure in the salon.

Professional ethics manicure courses in Odessa

Professional ethics. .

Маникюрное дело, пользование бельём

Маникюрное дело, пользование бельём.

Инструмент маникюра, курсы маникюра в Одессе

Инструменты и принадлежности

Последовательность выполнения маникюра, курсы маникюра в Одессе

Техника выполнения процедур гигиенического маникюра.

Анатомия и физиология, курсы маникюра в Одессе

Анатомия и физиология.

Профилактика, курсы маникюра в Одессе


Технология маникюра, курсы маникюра в Одессе

Технология маникюра.

Массаж рук, курсы маникюра в Одессе

Массаж рук.

Полировка ногтей, курсы маникюра в Одессе

Полировка ногтей.

Роспись ногтей лак по лаку, курсы маникюра в Одессе

Роспись ногтей лак по лаку.

An important part of the learning process is practice. Practical classes make up no small part of the course.

You'll master the skills under the direct supervision of our masters, they are your teachers. Art manicure is secured only by practice. Also, You as a future specialist is required to master specific equipment and know all the nuances of it. We will acquaint You with the use of professional tools and accessories. Our manicure courses in Odessa will prepare You a professional from the master, and You will surely start working in a prestigious Studio and will open its own.


Manicure courses in Odessa on 2 level

Brushes and their purposeе

Brushes and their purpose.

The correct choice of color scheme

The correct choice of color scheme.

The composition manicure courses in Odessa

The composition.

Drawing on the wet gel varnish

Drawing on the wet gel varnish.

The technique of applying mirror

Техника нанесения зеркального отражения

Animal figures and volume

Animal figures and volume.

Mounting of crystals, balonekе

Mounting of crystals, balonek.

Geometric patterns with tape

Geometric patterns with tape.

The technique of

The technique of "sweater".

The gradient (the stretching), manicure courses in Odessa

The gradient (the stretching).

Monogram manicure courses in Odessa

Monogram manicure courses in Odessa.

The affect of sugar manicure courses in Odessa

The affect of sugar manicure.

Mosaic (broken glass), manicure courses in Odessa

Mosaic (broken glass).

The effect of a stained glass manicure courses in Odessa

The effect of a stained glass manicure.

Moon French manicure courses in Odessa

Moon French manicure.

Lace manicure courses in Odessa

Lace manicure.

Wedding design. Types of French

Wedding design. Types of French.

Work with 3D gel, manicure courses in Odessa

Work with 3D gel.

Manicure courses — "art of manicure»!

We invite You to learn a new profession nail Polish.
It is always relevant and popular, and still remains interesting.

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